Run your personal finances like a small business!

Business man and woman

Few of us think of our personal finances as a small enterprise. But just like any business or government agency, we must watch our bottom dollar.

How do you run your personal financial house? Do you raise the debt ceiling to meet needs? Or do you operate on a budget and save for rainy days?

Whatever method you use to operate your personal finances, you must run things like a small business. Continue reading


Let your budget inspire you

We hear it all the time… we must spend within our budgets. But what does that really mean?  Many people spend aimlessly without preparing a budget and as a result, they usually come up short in their financial goals.  Trust me, I know.  There have been many times in my life, I figured I would just “wing it” or spend according to my feelings.  But that type of attitude got me nowhere.  It wasn’t until I decided I would commit to a budget, then and only then did I see changes in my finances.  Now does this mean that you cannot improvise if needed?  Maybe – or maybe not.  Things change and times change.  We simply can’t predict every single thing in our future, but you must use your budget as a roadmap to help you to reach your financial goals.

So whether your desire is to pay for your kids to go to college or simply become debt free at a certain age, your chances to achieve your financial desires are better if you simply prepare and live within your budget. Continue reading

Use cash instead!

Throughout the day, we are presented with many opportunities to spend our money. Whether it is the promotion at the grocery store, the supersize requests at fast food restaurants or simply your family and friends enticing you to spend, there will always be something. It is ironic with so many opportunities to spend there are few options to save. Continue reading

Keeping up with the Joneses will keep you broke!

Big houses, big cars, big ticket items…..we see it, we want it, but should we really have it all? We’ve all been there…..your neighbor returns with a shiny new 52 inch flat screen television and all of a sudden your 32 inch just isn’t that shiny.

Or what about your friend moving into a large home behind the pearly gates and now your traditional ranch home seems a thing of the past. But before you make another big purchase there are some things you first must consider! Continue reading