Should You Follow Your Passion or a Paycheck?

We understand money makes the world go around, but passion is what moves our spirit. Without passion and purpose, we are just moving to the beat of others’ dreams. Of course, we can work a high paying job, 50 to 60 hours a week and do what we are asked, but are we really fulfilling the call that is on our lives?

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Are You Walking Around with the Big “O” Concerning Your Student Loans?

Recently, I had the chance to reunite with an old college friend. After several conversations, the subject of student loans manifested. He had several envelopes from Sallie Mae that he had not opened. You would have thought these envelopes contained anthrax! I guess he figured if he did not open the mail, his student loan problems would disappear. I encouraged him to contact his loan provider and request assistance. After making contact, he learned that he qualified for a deferment.

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