Don’t rob Peter to pay Claus this Christmas!

Hey remember, there is life after Christmas – also bills and other obligations.  So if you did not get a chance this year to set something aside to purchase Christmas gifts, it may not be a good idea to rob Peter to pay Claus!


How to Buy Foreclosures and REOs

So often you hear advertisements for foreclosure listings, companies promise to give you a laundry list of foreclosures, but for a small catch – you have to pay for it!  But know, there is no need to pay for these listings.  There are several ways to view foreclosures in your area and the best part of it all – it’s absolutely FREE! Continue reading

Unclaimed Property! Does your state have cash for you?

Each year businesses and other entities turn over millions of assets to the State’s Treasury Department as unclaimed property. These assets include stocks, bonds, paychecks, insurance benefits, utility deposits and much, much more. If a business is unsuccessful in contacting the owner of such accounts, the law requires the holder to remit the proceeds after a certain period of time, usually referred to as the holding period. Continue reading

Should You Follow Your Passion or a Paycheck?

We understand money makes the world go around, but passion is what moves our spirit. Without passion and purpose, we are just moving to the beat of others’ dreams. Of course, we can work a high paying job, 50 to 60 hours a week and do what we are asked, but are we really fulfilling the call that is on our lives?

Continue reading

Keeping up with the Joneses will keep you broke!

Big houses, big cars, big ticket items…..we see it, we want it, but should we really have it all? We’ve all been there…..your neighbor returns with a shiny new 52 inch flat screen television and all of a sudden your 32 inch just isn’t that shiny.

Or what about your friend moving into a large home behind the pearly gates and now your traditional ranch home seems a thing of the past. But before you make another big purchase there are some things you first must consider! Continue reading

How to Pay for Your Loved One’s Funeral

Your loved one has passed away. If your loved one is like most Americans, you may be left in the dark about his or her final wishes. In addition to the many emotions you are feeling, you have yet another burden–paying for the funeral, a cost that continues to rise in America. Once all funeral-related costs are factored in, the typical traditional funeral service will cost the average family $8,000 – $10,000.

So, what do you do? It may be a good idea to start by speaking with your loved one’s close friends, family members and professional acquaintances. These conversations could uncover whether a life insurance policy is in place, a will exists or if funeral arrangements were funded prior to their departure. Continue reading