Debunking financial myths about retirement!

by: Kemberley Washington, CPA

Whether you are in your tender twenties or nifty fifties, one thing is certain retirement will happen.  But where do you see yourself when you hit retirement age? Sitting on the sandy beaches in Florida? Or working day to day til’ the good Lord calls you home. Whatever your plans are, if you fall victim to these myths, your retirement years will catch you by surprise. Continue reading


How to find money you didn’t know you had

In today’s economy, many people are looking to cut costs, save a little here and there, and even downsize their lifestyles. Cutting expenses is important to having a healthy financial lifestyle, but so is increasing your cash inflows.

I know what you may be thinking: “But, I haven’t gotten a raise in years, costs are continuing to rise and it simply looks like there is no help in sight.”  But, have no fear! Even in today’s economy, there are certain steps you can take to increase cash inflows to survive.  Continue>>


You make a lot, but how much do you keep?

It may be great that you earn a six-figure income, but if you live a six-figure lifestyle – the occurrence of one negative financial event can cause a financial downward spiral. Nothing teaches us this lesson more than the previous NBA lockout. Continue reading

Broke ’til Payday? Avoid Living Paycheck to Paycheck!

We all heard it before, catch me on payday! Those infamous words from family members, friends and even ourselves are often uttered as it relates to unexpected expenses that arise between paychecks. Let the truth be told, if we lost our job today many of us would be out of luck. Continue reading