How I made my credit card debt disappear

How I made my credit card debt disappear! #kemcents


Join me! 5 Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Refunds!

Join Patrice Washington and Kemberley Washington for “5 Dumb Things Smart People Do with Tax Refunds”


Thursday, March 21, 2013

8:30 PM EST

-Ever received a tax refund and thought, “This time I’ll get it together!” 

-Tired of having good intentions, but making bad decisions with your tax money? 

– Ready to make smart money moves that actually help – not hurt you more?


1) The #1 mindset shift you’ll have to make in order to increase your chances of financial success around this time of year.

2) The 5 mistakes you MUST avoid when making plans for your tax refund this year and every year from this point on.1) How to get more accomplished in ONE QUARTER than most people get accomplished ALL year!!

3) Several SMART ways to start investing and stop spending your tax money!

4) What to say to aggressive bill collectors who ONLY appear during tax time!


What to do with your tax refund?

Taxes chart with green pinNow that tax season is winding down, hopefully you have taken advantage of the many tax deductions available and the IRS has allowed you to walk away with a couple of dollars in your pocket. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the average tax refund is approximately $3,000. Knowing this – many corporations aim advertisements to snatch your tax refund out of your pocket. Whether it’s a tax day sale or car dealers promising to double your tax refund, there are many sticky financial traps – so be cautious as you decide what to do with your tax refund.

Check Please! Who’s Responsible for Paying for a Date?

???????????We’ve all been there before. You get a phone call from that special someone who desires to take you out. You make plans to meet downtown to grab a couple of drinks and appetizers. The music is right, the mood is sweet; and finally the check arrives. She looks to the left; and he looks to the right…so who is really responsible for paying? Continue reading

Getting Started in the Market – Investing 101 (Pt.1)

investing, jars of moneyBefore creating your investment plan, there are some things you simply need to know. Many people express a desire to invest and often seek investments which they believe could bring about the largest returns.  But prior to investing, you have to first identify your purpose for investing, understand how much risk you are willing to take, and then and only then, you would be able to identify the right investments for you. Continue reading

Don’t believe the hype! You can’t claim these on your tax return!


Being a CPA, I often get tons of calls from friends I haven’t heard from throughout the entire year. Of course, they are not calling to see how I am doing, but just want to pick my brain about how they could boost their tax refund!  Whether it is determining whether they can claim their long lost cousin or file head of household (although they are married and living with their spouse), it is important I help them sort through the “hype!” Continue reading