Giving really does pay back!

Each and everyday, we are presented with the opportunity to bless someone.  Whether it is the homeless individual at the street corner, your coworker struggling to make ends meet or your church requesting additional funds for the new building – we are presented with the opportunity to be a blessing in someone else life.

But so often, we look at our own situation and think, I am not in a position to be a blessing or maybe next year this time I will be able to bless so and so.  But do you know next year may never come?  Or sometimes God is waiting for you to bless that special someone today?

Stepping out on faith…..
Upon graduating from college, I decided I wanted to consistently give back by tithing.  So, I did!  With a very fixed income at the time, I decided I would step out on faith and trust God.  You know, it was funny, when I decided not to tithe, everything that could go right went wrong!  I would owe more than I make, my car would constantly need repaired, and unexpected expenses came my way frequently.  But when I got back on track, amazingly my dollars would stretch and I never went without.

After learning this simple lesson early on in life, I decided to remain faithful in my giving and to be a blessing to others no matter what.  And years later, I never went one day without.  And this is still my testimony today!

Stay on track…
Now listen, when you decide to give back and really trust, there are some things that may occur to get you off track.  But warning – this is only a test! Stay true to your commitment and you will see good things happen for you.

There is really no way around it.  I can recall countless times being a blessing and within days receiving financial blessings unexpectedly.  Now please understand, I don’t do it for what I can receive, but more importantly I do it out of my obedience to HIM.

I can write all day long about personal finances and how to get your money right, but it really comes down to this, if you want to see your life flourish – be a blessing to someone today!

Remember, Your Choice, Your Future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and a business professor at Dillard University. She writes the personal finance column “Saving Money” for Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to her blog at


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