Whose economy will you believe in?

With all the gloomy financial news, it is quick to become discourage about your personal finances.  As many companies downsize and unemployment numbers continue to grow, it is easy to take your eyes off of God and onto your finances.

But I am here to tell you there is hope!

God is our provider

We have to remember our future is not in President Obama or even Mitt Romney!  Our future and hope is in God.  We have to remember just as he has brought you through challenging times before he will certainly do it again!  Remember, he is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow!

God will supply

In the Bible, it tells us, God will supply all our needs!  Not some, but all! We can rejoice knowing he will supply all your needs during times of drought.  Although things may look uncertain, you must believe it will and can turn around!

Trust in God alone

It is quite easy to place our trust in our jobs, bank accounts or the government, but one unfortunate event can wipe out these things in a flash.  For this reason, we should place our trust only in God.  Nothing has taught me this lesson better than Hurricane Katrina.  No college education, financial preparedness or work experience prepared me for the challenges that lied ahead.  It was quite simple; I had to choose to trust in him.

So, if you are at a point where “your money is looking funny and your change is looking strange,” decide to put your hope in him!  Only he can turn your economy around!

Remember, your trust, your future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and a business professor at Dillard University. Follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog at kemberley.com.


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