How do we get there from here?


With each of us having so much on our to do lists, it is often we find ourselves coming up short when attempting to reach our goals. If it is picking up the kids, standing by your spouse or caring for a loved one, our goals are often pushed to the back of the closet.

Whether you are attempting to pay off debt, anxiously expecting to complete your degree or simply need to lose 5 pounds, how do we insure we finish well in 2012?

Well this article is for those who started but fell along the way!

Subtract from your lives anything that is keeping you from getting “there”. This could be both good and bad things. Yeah, it is may be a good idea to use all your time helping all those around you. But is this really the call on your life? If God purposed you to save the whales, it makes no sense spending your time saving the orphans too! Leave that calling for someone who is purposed to do just that. Eliminate anything in your life that is not your true call or purpose.

Stay focused and committed
One thing is for certain, trials and tribulations are bound to come. But remember this is only a test. How will you respond? The only option is to simply get up and come back stronger! Besides, there is certain to be others to follow and you do should not desire the next test to catch you on your back, do you?

Declare and decree
Wake up each morning declaring your dream will come to pass. Write it down and keep it visible throughout the day. Let it serve as a constant reminder expecting a big change in your life. And more importantly, see yourself reaching your finish line. And you will be certain to get from here to there!

Remember, God is waiting on you!


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